Injured stories

This is the story about Tony, he is an example of one of many drunk caraccidents.
He did not only ruin the life of his friend and his family but he also ruined his own. He received 8 months in prison, and no ”sorry” was enough for the police nor the family of his friend. 


20 year old Tony goes in a car after being in a party, drunk of course. After partying wildly at the party, Tony and his friend takes the car in the middle of the night. It wasn’t far away from home, only 700 metres. 

Tony makes a mistake. 

He drove in high speed and crashed in a tree. They crashed in a tree outside the foster home of his friend. Tony survived. Luckily for him, but his friend didn’t. 


Now Tony does not only have to serve 8 months in prison but he also got his friend’s life on his conscience every day for the rest of his life, that has got to be the worst part for him. 


/ MT.


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