But what does the law say?

In Sweden we have limits for drinking and driving, and also the length of the penalties based on the crimes that are made.
The police, car inspectors and the workers of the coast guard has the right to perform breath tests on people on the road.
How do these work though?
A temperance traffic control step by step will be shown here below. The first step in the traffic temperance control is that the driver blows into a so-called screening instruments. The said instrument gives a reading on the breath alcohol and if it crosses the limit. If it does, the next step is to provide a breath sample in a proof instrument called ”Evidenzer”.
The suspect may then blow twice in the proof instrument with 6-8 minutes intervals. This usually takes place in a police station or a police van. From the two exhalations in the instrument, the instrument will start counting out a mean of alcohol in the breath. The average value is used as the basis for a court order of punishment and driver’s license revocations.
The highest BAC you can have before you pass the limit for driving drunk is 0.2, which corresponds to 0.10 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air. If you pass the limit of 0.16 milligrams of alcohol per liter of breath you may get your license taken for care. The penalty aren’t too rough, it can go from getting a ticket to going to jail but not exceeding six months.
The limit for rough drunk driving is 0.50 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, which corresponds to 1.0 per thousands in the blood. Although intoxicated drivers who meant a considerable danger to the road can still be convicted of rough drunken driving even if they haven’t reached the limit.
The penalty for this is to be imprisoned for not more than two years. These rules does not only imply for car drivers but also for boat drivers and the others.
The limit for heavy marine intoxication is 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, which corresponds to about 1.0 per thousands in the blood. Even an affected skipper who brought a considerable hazard to maritime safety can be sentenced for heavy marine intoxication, even if the limit is not reached.
The penalty for rough intoxication gives imprisonment for not more than two years.
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Questions for you

1. What do you think about the "don't drink and drive" subject, do you find it important and is it something you care a lot about or is it not as important? Why do you think it's important/not so important?

2. If you were drunk and drove away in your car and accidentally killed someone, what do you think would happen to your everyday life? (Except for penalty, what would your life be like after that? Would you think differently, would you be more careful with the ones you love, would you get involved in some organization to prevent drunk driving etc. It's is hard to live with that but if you were in that situation you'd have to live with it for the rest of your life, would you do something to prevent others from making the same mistake you made.

3. What would you do if your drunk friend was about to get into the car? 

4. Have you ever been affected by drunk driving?

5.  How do you think people get in the situation where they decide to get in to the car even though they're drunk?

(Answer in the comments please, we'd like to hear your thoughts!!!)

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Injured stories

This is the story about Tony, he is an example of one of many drunk caraccidents.
He did not only ruin the life of his friend and his family but he also ruined his own. He received 8 months in prison, and no ”sorry” was enough for the police nor the family of his friend. 


20 year old Tony goes in a car after being in a party, drunk of course. After partying wildly at the party, Tony and his friend takes the car in the middle of the night. It wasn’t far away from home, only 700 metres. 

Tony makes a mistake. 

He drove in high speed and crashed in a tree. They crashed in a tree outside the foster home of his friend. Tony survived. Luckily for him, but his friend didn’t. 


Now Tony does not only have to serve 8 months in prison but he also got his friend’s life on his conscience every day for the rest of his life, that has got to be the worst part for him. 


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