But in what ways do alcohol affect your body?

Usually you count your alcohol income with something called ”BAC”, it is shortened for Blood Alcohol Content, which says how much alcohol you have in your blood.
You don’t need much of it before you start to notice the affect.
You don’t need more than 0.1 BAC until the sight starts to deteriorate in a way where your eyes can’t cooperate in the same way. This means that you get a harder time judge distances as well as the fish of double vision increases.
If you’re located in a darker place your eyes will affect even more which also means that your eyes becomes sensitive to bright lights, it may take a while for you to get your night vision back.

Alcohol affects your brain a lot, it does that your brain can’t contain as much information as it usually does, it also means that it can’t take in new information easily. 
It may also happen that the CNS (central nervous system) works slower and not as effective as before, your muscles and nerves cooperation gets worse. 
Even if your BAC is low, just a little bit of alcohol may extend your reaction time, which will lead to you reacting slower as well as it becomes more difficult for you to make a choice quickly.

Tiredness increased a lot when your intoxicated, that is because alcohol has a dampening effect on the body. You may not feel it because an intoxicated body feels stimulated and in that way you won’t notice when the tiredness comes creeping up.
The alcohol in your body doesn’t disappear during the night, it does vary from person to person, but it is sure that the combustion rate is something no one can accelerate with a pill or some other product. Your performance can still be dampened even if your BAC is on 0. Driving should therefor be avoided the day after, it has been proven that your driving performance can be impaired by up to 20%.

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