Questions for you

1. What do you think about the "don't drink and drive" subject, do you find it important and is it something you care a lot about or is it not as important? Why do you think it's important/not so important?

2. If you were drunk and drove away in your car and accidentally killed someone, what do you think would happen to your everyday life? (Except for penalty, what would your life be like after that? Would you think differently, would you be more careful with the ones you love, would you get involved in some organization to prevent drunk driving etc. It's is hard to live with that but if you were in that situation you'd have to live with it for the rest of your life, would you do something to prevent others from making the same mistake you made.

3. What would you do if your drunk friend was about to get into the car? 

4. Have you ever been affected by drunk driving?

5.  How do you think people get in the situation where they decide to get in to the car even though they're drunk?

(Answer in the comments please, we'd like to hear your thoughts!!!)

/ MT.

Postat av: Anonym

3. Slap him/her and stop him/her from doing it.

2015-03-05 @ 10:40:22
Postat av: Zuzanna

Man se att ni har gjort en stor jobb. Era utställnngar får mig att tänka igenom igen hur sjukt det är att gå till en bil efter man har druckit. Bra jobbat! Ni borde visa det också för 8:or och 7:or!

2015-03-05 @ 10:41:11

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