How one accident can affect a lot of people

If you drink and drive, you’re not only putting yourself in danger but you’re also putting everyone around you in danger. We should be able to trust each other on not drinking and driving but we all know that people do drive intoxicated. Imagine having someone else’s death on your conscience, what if you killed someone or injured someone while you were intoxicated, that’s not to take responsibilty and we all know that. You never know what could happen, you might think it won’t happen to you but it can happen to anyone.

ALWAYS think about the consequences, anything could happen and if you do something, that’s on you! If someone gets hurt or dies when you’re intoxicated and behind the wheel, if you cause this person injuries or even death you will not only ruin for the person who dies/gets injured but their family and friends will also be affected by it in so many ways. They loose a family member or they have to see one of their loved ones go through a lot of pain. And that will be really painful for them. Their pain will never go away, they’ll have to live with it for the rest of their lives and so will you.

/ MT.


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